3 years back I bought a groupon for eyebrow embroidery, after much sales talk (and obviously thinking the package is good), I signed up for a 4D embroidery package inclusive of 1 free touch-up. I was advised by the specialist I have to touch up within 1 year for it to be complimentary. As I went back more than a year later, I paid additional $80 for the touch up price. Specialist advised again that at anytime I feel the color ran off, I could go back and do my touch-up anytime at $80.

Yesterday, I called in looking for my specialist to book an appointment. I was told she left and I proceeded to make my appointment as the lady said someone would assist in her absence. When I reached today, to my disappointment, it felt like another sales talk. The lady, whom addressed herself as the boss, said that I have no receipt to prove I did my touch up at $80 before, and I have no receipt to prove what kind of embroidery did I do. Who keeps their receipt of 3 years? She proceeded to say that my brows are uneven, she can’t do the touch up for me I have to redo the whole thing. Which is again hundreds of dollars. I told her that’s ridiculous as I was advised the color would stay for at least a year and if I’m dissatisfied, I can touch up but pay. Boss said there’s no such things as always going back for touch-up, I have to get the package again after each finished touch up.

Told the boss that’s not the way to do business, no business ethics at all. Boss replied me “don’t bear to spend money, don’t come”.

What kind of business ethic is this? If they are not honourable with their own words or if each specialist is gonna promise different things, why operate as a whole company? They should start a sole-proprietorship.

This kind of service attitude disgusts me. And I regret recommending the people around me to do their brows there. BAD SERVICE BAD FOLLOW UP.

Company is: Amelie Beaute

Previously from the Adelphi and relocated to block 183 Toa Payoh Central #01-396.

Hope you can help me to voice this out.

A.S.S. Contributor

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