Eunos Grove (Blk 611-618, Bedok Reservoir Road) has hosted two beautiful archway entrances to the estate for more than 10 years now. Recently, an elderly gentleman stopped me on my estate rounds and asked me if I could do him a favour. He said he had seen a fair number of wheelchair bound residents getting themselves wet in rainy weather, in spite of the large archway between Blk 615 and Blk 616 offering what appears to be ample shelter. The problem was the presence of two dividers which require a wheelchair bound person to negotiate, exposing them to the rain. The elderly man asked me if I could get the Aljunied Hougang Town Council to do something about this.

I have been monitoring this area for the last month or so since works were completed and swing by every now and then to look for the elderly gentleman whose feedback has made a meaningful difference to some residents who ply the area often enough. I have not met him as yet. The Town Council will proceed to cut a pathway through the second archway that connects Blk 617 and Blk 614 in due course.

Please do let us know what we can do to make things a little more comfortable for you in Aljunied-Hougang Town. Big ideas may require a little more time to implement, but sometimes, its the simple improvements that go a long way. To the elderly gentleman, thank you.

[Source: Pritam Singh’s Facebook]

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