Following a series of raids into the forested “vice havens” of Woodlands, residents breathed a sigh of relief as the rampant underground prostitution taking place appeared to be slowing down.

The respite was short lived however, as prostitution gangs returned swiftly to the forested area between Woodlands Avenue 4 and 9 within a matter of days since the last police raid.

An unnamed resident revealed that most of the activity usually takes place after nightfall, with scores of men taking taxis to the area with a scantily dressed companion in tow. They would then enter into the area concealed by the forest and do the deed. When they finished, the duo would go their separate ways, with the customers leaving first.

According to a Wanbao reporter who visited the forested area on Monday, they spotted close to 30 people entering and exiting the vice den within a short half and hour wait. Venturing deeper into the forest brought the reporter to an area cleared of all trees and plants, which amounted to an area equivalent to about 3 basketball courts.

Scattered throughout the area were condoms and other “leftovers” numbering in the thousands.

To the corner of the areas lay several branches that appeared to hold blankets that may have been used as makeshift beds. Several burnt tree branches, which may have been used to ward off insects, were spotted near to the beds.

Sources say that the large majority of the customers are foreign workers, with daily visitors reaching up to a 100-200 people a day. Each session usually lasts between 10 to 20 minutes.

In the past 14 years, the Singapore Police Force has conducted countless raids, but none have been effective at stemming out vice activity from the area. Foreign workers now view the area as the go-to place for sexual services, a move which has disgusted concerned residents living nearby.

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