Dear ASS Editors,

On 13/02/2016 evening, I reported to the Police the theft of my brand new Samsung Tablet 3V valued at S$ 200/-whilst I was inside a NTUC Fairprice 4D outlet at JurongEast. The theft took place inside the outlet and exactly where the CCTV Camera is facing. I immediately called for the Police and 2 of them from Jurong East NPC came down. From the onset the officer who was recording my statement commented that my property is good as gone and never to be recovered.

I pointed to the Police Officer where the CCTV Camera is and that I am able to identify the suspect as I did see him lurking inside the premises but not in the long queue. I asked the officer to allow me to view the CCTV so that I can point out the suspect and the Police can take a screenshot and let other police divisions know and look out for him. My request was either not heard or ignored.

At the conclusion of the statement recording, I had to ask him for the Report Number and name of the I.O and he wrote down on a small piece of paper. As he was leaving again the Police Officer told me not to have any hopes of recovering it. Prior to that, I heard the Officer talking on the h/p with the I.O who then classified the case as Criminal Misappropriation of Property and not Theft In Dwelling or Simple Theft. I am,aware that when the case is classified as Misappropriation of Property the Police Investigators will not open a Investigation File and conduct enquirers as in other criminal cases.

I did call the I.O 3 days later only to be told by him he has no time to view the CCTV and he will update me when he had viewed it. Every week I tried calling Jurong East NPC to get in touch with the I.O but despite me leaving my name and contact number until today no calls from him. Is this the reason whey SPF was able to declare the overall crime rate is low by under classifying genuine case of theft.

As a wage earner losing S$200/- to the thief whom the Police is not interested in arresting is gross injustice to me. I await with eagerness some positive news about my theft case. No copy of the police report was given to me and neither did they sent me a letter which is the norm to tell me that investigations are ongoing.

Paul Antony Fernandez (S172XXXXX)
A.S.S. Contributor

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