Between 2014 and 2015, 20 year old Hasham served as part of a team of police national servicemen charged with maintaining the safety of the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) northern headquarters.

Instead, he abused his position of power, sneaking into the female changing rooms to film unsuspecting female police officers while they were bathing and even stealing the undergarments of a female colleague.

When caught, police found videos of at least 3 female police officers, who were filmed naked from the rear in the shower.

He faced 11 charges for his misdeeds today, while 3 other charges have been taken into consideration for his sentencing.

According to court proceedings, Hasham used CCTV surveillance to monitor female police officers who were heading into the female changing rooms and would follow after them in the hopes of capturing videos of them showering.

He would also listen closely for the sounds of running water in the female changing rooms or would look out for female police officers who he fancied when they went to for a shower.

On 26th January last year, at about 10.40AM, a female police officer had gone into the changing room to have a shower and left her clothing on the door of her cubicle. Hasham followed soon after, but was surprised when the lady officer was already finished with her bath. He left in a hurry, but not before nabbing one of her undergarments.

He returned to his station and acted like nothing had happened. However, upon noticing that one of her undergarments had been taken, she immediately lodged a police report. An internal investigation found that Hasham had been loitering suspiciously outside the female toilets.

3 days after the investigations, Hasham’s superior requested that he stay back after a morning briefing for some questions. Realizing something was up, Hasham instinctively deleted 6 of the media files containing the nude photos of his colleagues. Forensic investigations were able to retrieve some of the deleted files, which revealed nude rear views of his female colleagues in the shower.

Hasham pleaded guilty this morning, but begged the judge for leniency, citing family reasons. He said his father had left the home, while his mother was still in jail, which left him with the burden of taking care of his elderly grandmother who had just been discharged from hospital recently.

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