I read with amusement about the recent “no playing of chess” posted by MPTC. I wondered, is this the direction we are going in the management of estate by Town Councils across the island? Are posters vetted by MPs or the grassroots “leaders” making such decisions?

With the influx of other nationalities living in the mix of our HDBs, please expect more complex municipal issues to crop up.

While most Singaporeans are a obedient lot, do not expect the same from other nationalities. Putting up posters may work 10years ago but not in the current social climate. So TC staff will just have to “walk the ground” more often to ensure municipal issues are addressed and resolved and not by simply pasting convenient poster as such. Sorry, all PAP policies will eventually produce “side effects” on the ground.

If you are supporting or working under PAP, deal with it.

Amused Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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