Dear Editors,

Pls beware of this stupid and idiotic guy. He is very good in acting poor and pity. He is a very big liar. The story happen like this: 3 years ago, he is a contractor of M&E at Jalan Sultan Hotel site. He approached us and told us that he is being cheated by his partners and some sub contractors.

He said that the main contractor held back his payment and didn’t pay him. He is very poor and “jialat” and his car road tax and insurance is expired soon to renew. Out of concern, we thought that he is very “可怜” so we lend him $4000 to renew his road tax and insurance. He kept on thank us and appreciated our help and promised us he will return back us within a month.

At first he also quite good and find some works for us to do but later when we called him, he refused to listen. Then his mobile no totally terminated. We lost contact with him. He is like disappeared in this world. We are very super upset and disappointed as this is our hard earning money and it is our marriage money.

I hope that anyone who seen this stupid and liar guy pls let us know asap by give the comment. And pls help to share out his photo in case more victims.

Eve Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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