An Appeal to Bukit Batok Voters. It is a foregone conclusion that the SDP will contest the Bukit Batok by-election to find a member of Pariament who is worthy of the highly esteemed Office. It is, besides the national exercise of selecting an MP; and based on the politics of Singapore; a moment to tell the PAP what we dislike about them since the GE of 2015.

Residents of Bukit Batok must not be seen to be a self-centered and selfish lot who are only interested in their own well being. By this, we do not mean it is wrong for one to make decision which one thinks will serve one’s interest best.

What we are saying is that when one is put in a position to do something for the greater good, then it becomes a responsibility that one has to decide for the greater good. Now, one could see that after the landslide results of the last GE, the PAP has taken the opportunity to push on with its pro-foreigner and anti-Singapore policies. Now that the sentimentilism of the passing of LKY has settled, this is a momentuous moment for Singaporeans to tell the PAP what they actually feel about the way they are governing Singapore.

It is also a moment to test the PAP to see how it intends to co-exist with another alternative party. These were agenda of the Opposition at the last GE. These were avenues for Singaporeans to test the PAP, and the Opposition, to see what benefits the citizens of the land can hope to enjoy. It was sad that we didn’t speak loud enough for the PAP to take heed of our grievances. Now is an opportunity to put Sungaporeans to the test.

The SDP must engage the citizens to vote for a purpose. Singaporeans must stop voting for a way of life. The way of life may be comfortable today, but the purpose of one’s living must take precedence in the next generation. Singaporeans must decide, and not only decide, but must be forceful enough to tell the PAP that this is not the vision and direction we are going to support.

Instead, we are going to support a more humane Singapore; we are going to support a Singapore that is less anti-Singaporeans and we are going to support a Singapore that places Singaporeans at the heart and center of every political, social and economic decision.

Residents of Bukit Batok, my neighbours, my brothers and sisters; are you ready to speak up for the rest of us? Are you strong enough to stand up to the PAP on our behalf?Are you brave enough to carry the voice of a nation?

Know that you will be treated like Kings if you vote against the PAP to send the messages of the nation. That’s the power you wield in your hands. Be not afraid. Be happy; that the indescretion of one chikopek is going to make your life extremely glorious. Don’t throw away the chance.

VOTE the SDP …. knowing that the vote is going to send the PAP a BIG message; a message that we are are an electorate that is aware of the nonsense games that the PAP plays …. at our expense.

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