The Ministry of Home Affairs announced that 3 Singaporeans have been arrested and detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for taking part in armed conflicts overseas. Meanwhile, a fourth man, a new citizen from China was also arrested for wanting to fight with the Kurdish militia group against the Islamic State terror group.

The first two Singaporeans detained were 27 year old Mohammad Razif Yahya and 53 year old Amiruddin Sawir. They had taken up arms and participated in Yemen’s sectarian conflict by taking up sentry duties at the religious madrasah they were studying at. They were to fire at any incursions by the Shiite Houthis. Razif was trained as a sniper in Yemen while Amiruddin was armed with an AK-47 and participated in a fire-fight.

The third man Mohamed Mohideen Mohamed Jais was pursuing his religious studies in Yemen from 2009 to 2011 when he took up sentry duties. He did not open fire during his stay in Yemen.

The last detainee was PRC new citizen Wang Yuandongyi who left Singapore and intended to make his way to Turkey before he entered Syria to join the Kurdish militia. Wang detested the ISIS terrorist group and wanted to help the Kurds. MHA revealed that Wang was looking for an escape from his failed business venture and financial liabilities.

MHA warned in their statement that “regardless of geography and no matter how they rationalise the use of armed violence, Singaporeans who support its use will be dealt with by the Government. Any involvement in armed conflicts overseas could jeopardise Singapore’s national interests and bilateral relations, posing a threat to Singapore’s security”

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