I’m from one of the countries you listed above though I did my distance learning degree via a top 50 university in UK. In Addition, I also have a professional qualification which is listed in MOM approved qualifications.

My employer ( A big Global bank) applied for my EP via an approved vendor and to my surprise I have been put in the same bracket by MOM. I’m offered SGD 12k and my previous two jobs back in UK were paying me even more then that so guess money can’t be an issue.

For vetting, my employer has got pre employment screening done and those checks from my uni and professional school didn’t take more than 2 working days. It’s already been more than 2 weeks since my application was submitted. I have checked with the student record in my Uni and they haven’t received any requests from any agency regarding my vetting/referencing.

Any idea what’s happening with these checks as it won’t take more than a week at max for my educational checks? Do they do some other checks as well just because I hail from one of the countries that apparently you mentioned above?

No it’s just called ” move your bum a bit quicker”, unfortunately some people don’t do till they get a good kick on their backside probably the one’s in Singapore! Now maybe that’s perfectly legal in Pakistan!!

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