Dear Editors,

As i and my wife was going to shop today we walk past the function hall of RC members at 8pm and after shopping walk past it again at 10pm .What break my heart is there were a group of people enjoying themself in a air con room but this poor doggy was tied up in a very constraint manners for 2 hours !!

We approached the people there and a bespectacled guy in a RC t-shirt talked to us . I told him that we find it very cruel to tie the dog in that manner for 2 solid hours or more ( as we don’t know what time the owner tied it there )

And told him if nothing was done for the poor furkid i will put this in stomp , he looked worried when i mention that and went in to find the owner .

I and my wife went away but stand a few distance away. And after 15 min later a large women came out n pat the doggy and went inside the function hall without loosening the poor guy rope .

Are they even fit to have a pet ???

Suriia Anthony s/o Devadass
A.S.S. Contributor

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