The man in the pic: Nor Azam.

Time & Date of duty: 0035am, 13 Mar 2016
Venue: Singapore Changi Airport Departure Hall

I was bringing my father and my mentally handicapped brother to check in. I was not going in with them and my brother turns back to pull me as he can’t bear to part with me. So the crowd around was watching us. Guess what this staff Nor Azam said to me -‘Excuse me’ with a sense of distaste n loathe, in a revulsion and despise manner. And also with a swinging handsign that asked me to move away.

That’s not all. I was still standing around the gate, behind the glass, bidding farewell to my father and my brother, as they were queuing up their way to the counter when Nor Azam suddenly turns around and stares at me. I was angry, I tried to hold my anger. But on a second thought, I did nothing wrong except that I have a mentally handicapped brother who can’t bear to part with me. A few seconds later, I asked him,”Sir, is there anything wrong? Why do you have to look at me just now?”

He replies in a louder and fiercer voice than me saying that he was looking behind me and says that he found I was staring at him so he stares at me too. My eyes and my attention were all on my father and brother, why would I want to look at you? I kept mum and turn away. I knew it would be an uncivilised act to quarrel in public.

Don’t look down on people who are and whose family members are mentally handicapped. Put yourself in other’s people shoes. You never understand what the family members of the handicapped have gone through, our lives, how much we have to tolerate from the eyes of the public.

Shame on him as Singaporean.

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