Dear ASS Editors,

I had previously written an article on the difficult and thankless job of LTA officers in keeping the roads and pedestrian paths safe for different types of road users as well as on the safe and responsible riding of electric bicycles. (“Let us be appreciative of LTA officers”)

I would like to appeal to LTA to legalise the use of gasoline-driven bicycles. Below are my reasons:

1. 1. Electric bicycles are much more quiet thus other road users are not aware of their presence (so the responsible cyclists will ring their bicycle bells to create awareness). The “put put put” sound from gasoline-driven bicycles helps to create awareness of their presence.

2. 2. The electric bicycles are not necessary more environment-friendly than gasoline-driven bicycles. This is because the electricity used to charge up the batteries are obtained from the burning of fossil fuels in the electricity generating stations anyway.

3. 3. Disposal of spoilt batteries is not environment-friendly.

4. 4. But both electric bicycles and the gasoline-driven bicycles are still more environment friendly than the normal motorcycle simple because the normal motorcycle is much heavier.

5. 5. Gasoline-driven bicycles do not fear rainy weather as much as electric bicycles.

6. 6. As long as the various specifications are in place, gasoline-driven bicycles are not necessarily more dangerous than electric bicycles. There can be similar limits on weight of bicycle, maximum speed/power, etc.

Hope LTA will seriously consider these views and hopefully legalise gasoline-driven bicycles, thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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