Today it was suddenly announced that PAP MP for Bukit Batok SMC David Ong was quitting his seat and the party for personal reason. It was later revealed that he had to do so because of “personal indiscretion”.

According to Zaobao, the woman that had an affair with David Ong is one Wendy Lim, 41, a logistics senior executive and also a Bukit Batok PAP branch activist. For the past year, Wendy had been regularly uploading many photos of her activities in PAP Bukit Batok, including several with David Ong.

Wendy is an active member of the PAP. During last year’s general elections, Wendy, together with other supporters, was known to have drawn up caricatures of David Ong and brought them to the nomination centre.

At 630pm today, the photos of Wendy and David were still publicly available on Wendy’s Facebook profile but they were subsequently privatised. A Zaobao reporter tried to call her but to no avail. She was also not at her condominium home.

When photos of Wendy were made known to netizens, several commented tongue-in-cheek that she was “lau chio” (old but pretty) for her age and at least ex-PAP MP David did not ruin his own career for an old grassroots auntie.

Update: It was said that the affair surfaced because the husband lodged a complaint, presumably with the PAP.

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