Dear ASS Editors,

Shocking news that PAP MP David Ong for Bukit Batok SMC has resigned suddenly. What’s more puzzling is the reason given by David Ong for his resignation. He states that he has to resign for ‘personal reasons’ and that’s it? Is this the responsible politics we expect from the PAP? What about the majority of Bukit Batok residents who gave him the mandate? Is he abandoning them for personal reasons, is this how a responsible man behaves? Where is the transparency and accountability?

In PM Lee’s response to David Ong’s resignation letter, he replied “Thank you for your letter. I DEEPLY REGRET that I MUST accept your resignation”. What is the reason thats so personal that PM Lee MUST accept his resignation from both his MP and PAP membership?

Singaporeans especially the residents of Bukit Batok deserve to know why MP Ong has chosen to resign instead of fulfiling his promises to the people. He should be held accountable and be transparent, upfront with his constituents. Isn’t this the hallmark of a true PAP politician?

‘Personal reasons’ is not a good enough reason to turn your back on Singaporeans after we gave you a resounding victory during GE2015. Now the least you must do is to come clean and tell us why you really quit.

Han Wei, Bukit Batok Resident
A.S.S. Contributor

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