SINGAPORE – After news of former PAP MP David Ong having an extra-marital affair with “lau chio” (old but pretty) Wendy Lim, 41, spread like wild fire online, many admiring netizens and forummers are contemplating setting up an official fan club for their new found hero David Ong.

One of the key person trying to start the fan club Lau Chu Nan said, “You look at David Ong this type of pattern. So toot looking and the spectacles so orbit type. Not say he very fit, also got a bit bui bui. Can get Wendy this type of chio bu.” Lau Chu Nan was full of praise for his idol, “When I look at him, I feel so inspired, I feel I got chance, so old liao still can find this type of action.”

Another smitten forummer Boey Hor Nee confessed that he will be wearing more white shirt and white pants to go the wet market and other community events. “Back then when Michael Palmer kena scandal I still don’t believe, but now I am converted. If David this type of jialat face still can to play with Wendy, then confirm must be the power of wearing white and white.”

Over at the kopitiams around the island, many half-drunk uncles are also actively discussing this topic over beer and with their tiger aunties. Uncle Pek Tee Ko said, “This David really tok kong (very good)! 50+ still can get this type of lau chio. Have to resign also worth it lah! I want also don’t have ah! I got more hair than him ok! Must ask him share his secret moves leh.”

Uncle’s Pek drinking buddy who only just arrived at the kopitiam and only had a sip of beer was more observant. “So they happening where huh? Inside the PAP office after the meet the people session? Respect sia!”

Wan Dan Liao

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