Dear Editor,

As a resident of Bukit Batok SMC I have seen the hardworking David Ong on many occasions making his rounds at kopitiams on weekends when I was having my breakfast with my family. He’s a sincere man and he interacts with ease, very down to earth, not like some PAP MPs that I have come across, very smart, many degrees but cannot connect with common people like us. From friends and relatives who live in the area, they also say he is very nice and helpful during meet-the-people sessions.

But he makan outside and kena caught, so I guess he did the honourable by quitting the parliament and his political party. Sometimes I feel in this day and age, this is the private affair of the individual and if it doesn’t affect his work and performance then I feel it is ok.

Now many people are asking SDP to come back and contest the by-election. But before they do that, we really got to ask, is that good for the development of democratic politics in Singapore. The PAP is very strong in Bukit Batok SMC. In GE 2015, David Ong polled 73% and the SDP candidate only got 26.4%. Do you think even if Chee Soon Juan come he can double their score of 26.4% and win the seat? The answer is a very likely NO. The people in Bukit Batok don’t really have a good impression of SDP and their policies are not really good for sandwiched class like us.

We need more opposition seats in parliament to challenge the one-party rule and the only party who can do this is the Workers’ Party. They have the right branding and right leaders to attract Singaporeans to vote for them. So the right thing to do for SDP is to give way to WP and prevent a 3 corner fight. If SDP is not willing to do so, I would still prefer having a WP option on my ballot sheet.

Chris Hoh
Bukit Batok resident

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