I am the manager of a car leasing company and would like to post this to warn my friends and colleagues in this industry.

On 29th Jan 2016, OTHMAN BIN WAHID, approached me to rent a toyota camry for him to earn an income. I informed Othman bin wahid that the deposit is $1000, however he pleaded with me to help him and he needed a car to drive for uber to earn an income 1st then he will pay the deposit to my company. I agreed as i trusted him and sympathised with his situation and allowedhim to collect the car after paying the 1st week rent in advance. Othman bin wahid then proceeded to rush me for the car and i assisted him.

On 15th feb 2016, Othman introduced his friend, AZHAR BIN MOHD ZAILAN to rent a HOnda Civic for him to work as a Uber driver as well. Again, Azhar bin mohd zailan could not afford to pay for the deposit and pleaded with me to trust him that he will pay the deposit after 2 weeks when he take his salary from Uber. I decided to offer him the same arrangement as Othman.

After collection of the car, both Othman and Azhar did not make a single payment. We continued to try to collect payment for the next one month and on 1st March 2016, both of themblocked my hp number and refused to answer my calls and text messages to return the car.

I had no choice but to make a police report, however the police responded to me that no criminal offence was committed and they will not pursue the case. I proceeded to appeal to an MP and she graciously acceded to my requestto informthe police to assist us, however the police rejected us yet again.

I made a check with Uber and found out both Othman bin wahid and Azhar bin mohd zailan were not Uber registered drivers. This signalled an intention to cheat and scam. A further check also revealed Othman bin wahid was not staying at his registered house on his IC. A check with a repo company also revealed that this is not Azhar’s 1st time and he has hidden cars from other leasing companies before..Just like how a rat hide it’s food in it’s hole.

The Camry has since been recovered, however the Honda Civic remains at large.

I am writing this post not to seek help to recover the vehicle. It is just to spread awareness to colleagues and friends working in the same industry. I have attached their photos so pls beware of these 2 scumbags / con man who might be targeting your company next and get away scot free.

Thank You.

Matthew Chua
ASS Contributor

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