Dear All Singapore Stuff Editors,

This is the stall in Alexander Food Village. I went to have my dinner with my family on Sunday the 6th of March 2016. I was in the queue to order my food. When it came to my turn, the order taker bypassed me and went to the guy behind me to take his order. When the man behind me mentioned that it was my turn and not his, the order taker remarked in Mandarin to ignore me.

At this I looked at her and asked is she interested to serve me and what was the issue. At this instance the guy cooking in the stall shouted that they are not keen to serve and asked me to get lost. I was totally at a lost of words. I walked away and ordered food from another stall.

Not happy at this treatment I kept looking at the stall. When another Indian guy went to order food the stall owners again totally ignored him and he too walked away. It’s plain simple that they were racist and refused sevice to non Chinese. I am a born and bred Singaporean and this kind of treatment is unacceptable. Explaining to my two 5 year old was not easy. My wife who’s Chinese was also there.

I want an apology from them to me and my family and to other non Chinese they have turned away. I want justice and to have them stop their racism.

Mohan Raj Valliappan
A.S.S. Contributor

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