Dustin Ng, You are a person lack of responsibility, loyalty and so is your family.

On 6th February, During Benjamin KenaHeadshot’s 18th birthday chalet, you got drunk and you broke the window resulting a total damage cost of $314. You didn’t had the cash so Mel Mel Qin Li Tan Pearlyn Youmeiyou Raphael Wong had to fork out the money for you. You written an IOU stating that you will return the money to them by 6th March 2016 but you failed to.

Little sohai, let me tell you what you have done.

You fucking vomited and all of us had to dragged you to the toilet, you took your own sweet time to wash up and we had to clean up the chalet for you (urgh gross). When Mel and Zack Mayson were kind enough to help you washed up, what the fuck did you do? You challenged time to a fight and wanted to call your “gang” to come down. Ungrateful little shit.

When signing the IOU, we then realized you were underage. As it was our first day knowing you, we had no idea of your age and the host of the party was busy entertaining other people. You then used it against your advantage and your parents said that it’s impossible for you to drink and get drunk as you were not legal age to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. How has it become our fault that the shopkeeper did not fulfil her duties by checking your sohai IC?

Today, some of them went down to your house and tried to collect back the money, Your shameless parents had the guts to called the police and even said that you signed the IOU under the influence of alcohol. You were under the influence of alcohol and BROKE the fucking window, how is it any of their fault? Your grandfather even said to them in an uncouth manner “come la, want take money try take la”

Excuse me, we are civilized people, what do you want us to do? Rob your fucking house?

Fuck your dog face and fuck your parents too.

Regin Ng Shimin Sunny Tei Syo Loveless

[Source: Kelly Nami Xin Yuan’s Facebook]

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