I was recommended by my neighbour to engage Uncle Peter to my office to fix my leaking tap this afternoon. He’s 82 this year, living on his own (his children are all overseas) and he survives on this as his financial means but he does not compromise his services to me. After changing my tap, he took initiative to cement the sides of my sink (seeing that the old silicon has worned off). He didn’t even charge me extra for the additional patching work for the sink. All he asked for is $30 for his workmanship (excluding materials cost) plus the tap he bought (in this case is $38).

Should any of you require any plumbing job (including changing of toilet bowl), install lights and painting of your house, I will be most happy to recommend him. He may be slower than many, he is definitely responsible and did a decent job (that is why I’m writing this in support of his work). He even clean up my place upon completing his job but I told him to leave it.

Please note he only service east areas as he travels by public transport. Due to the overwhelming response, I have decided to remove his HP nos as he may not be able to handle the sudden surge of inquiries. Kindly message me if you really need his service. Thank you!

[Source: Frederick Chu’s Facebook]

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