With MyRepublic trying to become Singapore’s 4th teleco, we can see the grid lock cartel style of business being broken, all of a sudden prices drop like your grades did when Fallout 4 was released.

See a little competition, just a little, already benefited Singaporeans, which is why we should give a chance to this new teleco, but some are saying what if this teleco screws up? Well the infrastructure and companies that have been there for the longest time will still be there to pick up our contracts incase anything happens and the 4th teleco fails us miserably.

Now of course the big boy teleco’s that have been in power for the longest time ever will have shit to say: “Oh will they be reliable?” “Competition isn’t going to benefit the consumers.” “That teleco will bring trouble.” And of course all of that trash talking will be put in the media.

But we Singaporeans are smart, we will look at the facts and see what the current teleco’s are offering and what the new one says its going to offer. Some of us are sick of the old telecos taking advantage of us and want to try out something new and who can blame us? It’s not a betrayal right? Further more what’s there to be afraid of? The economy won’t crash just because there’s a new company, and the infrastructure supporting telecommunications in Singapore won’t crumble either.

I just want to say that i am proud of Singaporeans who are sick of the same old companies over charging us and are willing to try an alternative. After all that is ‪#‎majulah‬ – moving forward and progressing!

Now re-read the whole article but this time imagine that i am talking about the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and the PAP….

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