Dear ASS Editor,

I am a Singaporean who successfully immigrated to the States (Maryland) a year ago but still keep in touch with developments in Singapore through alternate social media sites like yours as Straits Time’s “Stomp” blocks overseas access.

As the months of my newfound life slowly passed, so did the lies that the PAP government constantly fed to us through Straits Times & Mediacorp. We were told only Singapore was the best and even other developed nations lacked behind us in terms of cleanliness and bearaucracy efficiency.

This is not so at all! Let me share with you, the true state of Maryland’s administration. Friendly & helpful law enforcement officers will not rest until all perpetrators in serious criminal cases are brought to justice. They develop highly sophisticated technology to track & trace any residue DNA or fingerprints to the culprits. They even have dedicated programmes like “America’s Most Wanted” just to ensure no criminal slip past the net. These shows used to be broadcasted in Singapore but most programs from developed nations have been suspended by the PAP due to fears of an effluent electorate. Lawyers in the US have gone to air to do probono for poor victims of accident or poisoning.

But in Singapore, all we’ve witnessed so far in our nationhood are police victimisation of a minor and an adamant armed forces which promoted a negligent officer in a clear message of defiance due to the ruling party’s massive mandate.

Indeed, while the people of Singapore deserve the government they voted but don’t forget the nagging questions that remain? Why has this happened to begin with? Due to the fact we have an elected partisan system which is afraid to work with the people. Sorry to disappoint you but candidates in Singapore are voted based on party lines which has whips in place to censure they don’t tow too far from the interest of their CEC. It’s the same whether with Low Thia Khiang, Lee Hsien Loong or Chee Soon Juan but worser with racist and religious party like PKMS!

Ensuring Singapore’s continued survival is not merely increasing NCMPs or tweaking the presidential system, it’s about the freedom to information and a truly informed citizenry can we become a great nation like America! If you had noticed, backward nations like our neighboring countries and the Middle East thrive only with misinformation and intimidating laws based on religion and superstition.

Before Dr TCB declares his intention this Friday, citizens of Singapore should explore the possibility of overhauling the political system post LKY to a direct democratic one in Switzerland instead of just making a bad situation look better that will lead to a slippery slop of Singapore’s ultimate downfall in the hands of the elite!

Clement Tan, Baltimore
A.S.S. Contributor

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