I think it is becoming more prevalent nowsaday for Spore men to marry girls from china , not all china wife are bad as stereotpyed some are infact kind and virtuous , i have frens who are happily married with china wife and happy in bed. But still it takes certain level of luck to meet these girl , the best are those you met at your workplace say factory not those at the KTV lounges please

Pros for china bride:

1) usually young and attractive ( my friend is 40 married a 23 year sweet young thing with movie star look)

2) willing to please men more than spore girl , they are willing to sweet talk and pamper men

3) Most of them are not so financially independent , so they rely much on us for support , so they so not have attitude problem like spore girl like we owe them a living we must be a slave to them


1 $$ if you dun have will be a big problem owning to the fact they cannot work or may need to bring their extended family over and provie for them

2 they marry you and may ditch for another guy if the find a better catch , this can happen to spore girl , so you need to assess the person and size them up correctly


IF you are in your forty and have a quarter million in saving it is recommended you get a 20 years old sweet young china girl who is willing to spend her life with you faithfully

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