More working past 65

I refer to the article “More in Singapore remaining in workforce past 65” (Straits Times, Mar 7).

98% who continued working beyond 62 did not suffer any basic wage cut

It states that “”Nearly all who approached 62 are offered re-employment.

“Most do not suffer any cut to their basic pay if they continue on the same job with the same job scope and responsibilities.”

In 2014, 98 per cent who continued working beyond the age of 62 did not suffer any basic wage cut, with about 10 per cent earning higher wages.”

Missing statistics?

I believe some important statistics may be missing here. What percentage of those who reached 62 did not continue working in the same job, instead of just “98 per cent who continued working “?

For example, the terms of re-employment offered may not be acceptable to the employee. I have also come across people who were asked to leave before they reach 60 or 61 – and thus may not be captured in the ” re-employment without wage cuts”‘ statistics.

For example, if you were asked to leave at age 60 and had no choice but to find a much lower pay job – and then continued working beyond 62 in this lower pay job – you would be classified as “re-employed without wage cut”.

Over 60 mostly work as cleaners, labourers, operators, service/sales workers?  

As to “Most employed Singaporeans and permanent residents over age 60 work as cleaners, labourers, machine operators, and service and sales workers, according to MOM statistics last year” – these are generally low-pay jobs.

Mostly low-pay jobs?

According to the MOM’s wages benchmarking tool – the age 50 to 59 median basic pay for cleaners in office and other establishments, labourers (general) and retail assistants/shop sales assistants, was only $1,000, $1,000, $1,251, respectively.

Don’t you find it rather sad and alarming that most of the elderly are working in such low-pay jobs?

Leong Sze Hian

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