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Sometimes I feel that it’s difficult to maintain a platonic friendship with my female friends. An example would be when you just show some care and concern to them and they will start to fall in love with you.

Used to have this female colleague which I am quite close with during work but didn’t really progress as I don’t have the bf gf feel for her. So I didn’t want to mislead her and went ahead to friendzone her by calling her sister.

So back to the story, sometimes I will buy her sweets and drinks back from lunch to treat her which I also did for many other colleagues. And there was once she fell sick at work and I decided to show my care as a friend and went to buy a herbal tea for her during lunch break. As she looked really sick so I offered to send her home on that day and she accepted.

After she reached home, I received a text msg from her saying “How I wished I am not your sister” which stunned me for a second. I replied her telling her not to joke and go take a rest. Deep down I know she really meant it.

I have already taken my steps to make it clear that I treated her just like a sister however it seems I still can’t prevent her from liking me.

Is it really true that guy and girl can never have a platonic relationship?

A.S.S. Contributor

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