On 1 Mar 2016, i boarded Bus 804 from Yishun temporary bus interchange home, plate number SMB8004Y as u can on the picture. I was the last to board and there were less than 10 passengers in the bus. I heard fast running footsteps behind me and this little Malay boy age around 7 boarded the bus and told the bus driver “Uncle, please wait for my mother she is behind…”

The bus driver ignored and closed the door. Using a very harsh and rude tone “Next time if you cannot catch up, board the next bus!” I turned to look, the poor mom was running towards the bus along with 3 small kids and that is only when the driver opened the door for them.

I mean seriously? You cannot wait for less than 10 seconds??? And why would you want to close the door and scared that poor kid? He chased the bus knowing his mom is unable to run fast with 3 young children.

I saw the driver name on the glass displayed as Mr Lee Cheng Cai (if you are not this person i am sorry). Please be patient with the passengers as i think such ugly manner is not necessary for this poor little boy.

A.S.S. Contributor

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