Responding to online trolls on a popular local forum, Terry Xu, Chief Editor of The Online Citizen slammed them for spreading untruths about Benjamin Lim’s family members. Mr Xu shared that Benjamin’s mother was “now in mental breakdown because of all the comments as the above sent to the email address and the kind of accusation put against the family.”

The Editor of The Online Citizen was forced to respond to online trolls after one forum user “p_eppermint” crossed the line with his defamatory and scandalous rumour-mongering.

‘p_eppermint’ claimed that Benjamin’s father was his ex boss from Aug 2015 to Feb 2016 and made unsubstantiated unsavoury rumours about the family’s situation. He said:

“whether he’s the sole breadwinner or not, that I dunno. all I know is that the parents are divorced. the father is a gambling addict. step into his ofc n u will see bottles of rws mineral water which he offers to his clients. he frequently has free passes to sentosa, free hotel stays at rws, free hotel stays at genting etc. of cos the free hotel stays at rws he keep for himself la. the rest he’ll give his staff.

he even goes to the extent of flying to Las Vegas to gamble for God’s sake. he has a gf now. apparently sgrean but she looks exactly like a China girl lol. why I know? there was once he actually brought her to work.

many other things la, too many to say. whether he’s a good father or not, I dunno. can’t comment on that. for sure there are no fathers that don’t love their son n wouldn’t be hurt by what’s happened. but I seriously doubt his reasons for doing all this. if the family really wanted to grieve in peace, he would have made that clear from the start.”

It is unbelievable the lengths some individuals will go to destroy an already downtrodden family facing the grief of losing their son in such an unjust manner. We hope our readers will respect the family and give them the peace and space to grief in this difficult time.

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