Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I am filing this report as my concern to what is happening every Sunday at our parks and public places. I hope the authorities will look into this issues.

With Singapore economic boom and the influx of thousands of foreign workers, we are experiencing a culture shock of unSingaporean behaviors and attitudes among our guests workers. Every Sunday, Paya Lebar and Lucky Plaza have become a ‘flesh market’ for thousands of Banglas to gather, stalk, prey and pick maids for their lust and sexual desires. Toa Payoh park, Botanical Gardens, Sentosa are full of Banglas and maids. The open space between Kallang Airport Drive and Kallang Airport Way is littered with couples, Banglas and maids. Openly displaying ‘intimate and sensuous’ behaviours.

Also check-out every Sunday at the East Coast Park, Carpark D, Banglas and maids pitch tents for their ‘sex love nests’ for their immoral activities. Right in a public recreational park and beach areas that are meant for family outings. I am sure making love in a public area is a punishable offence.

These foreign workers have displayed behaviors that have been very disconcerting and caused unease and disgust among Singaporeans. As a family oriented nation these behaviors have caused disgust and unease among Singaporeans, MOM’s inaction are encouraging promiscuous and adulterous behaviours among foreign workers. Action must be taken to apprehend these sex predators, curtailed such abuses and protect our maids.

This is a social problem that needs to be addressed by the authorities. Inaction by the authorities only encourages promiscuity in Singapore’s family oriented society. There must be guidelines about spending their off days, rules and regulations not to abuse and misbehave. If nothing is done, then this will continue to happen indefinitely, Banglas will become more bolder and more innocent maids will fall victims indefinitely.

‎Joseph Eldridge‎

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