Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Probably too premature to think about the following, as they’ve just awarded the tender. But can’t help but wonder aloud ahead of 2020:

1. How will this impact on taxi and bus fare structures? Won’t there be an acute shortage of cabs plying within the priced zones during peak hours then, since the longer they ply to look for fares, the more they would be charged?

2. Are they intruding into my privacy, since now they can track my whereabouts within the priced boundaries?

3. They are implementing this island-wide. So parents plying priced roads in non-CBD areas to pick-up/fetch their kids from schools could potentially be affected too?

4. Will there be diff road pricing along diff stretches within the priced zone? As in, after plying along Stamford Road, I enter into Orchard via Penang Lane, will the per 100m unit price (whatever they call it) abruptly fluctuate or remain constant throughout my journey inside the zone?

5. Will there be price fluctuations at different times of the day within the restricted zone? As in, from 8am-8.15am, I ply along Havelock Road but am caught in a bad jam. After 8.15am, I’m still stuck in that jam…Will the system deduct more $ from my cashcard because the pricing along that same stretch has jumped from 8.16am onwards?

6. Srsly, I dunno how it works. If they say they will go by mileage, that means if I enter from CTE Cairnhill exit into Bideford Road and turn immediately to a condo and park there, I only ply 200m or so within the priced zone, hence I pay less huh? Won’t those carparks located on ERP fringe be very crowded thereafter?

7. Pricing on expressways will remain since they mentioned underground tunnels & viaducts. I wonder how it works when I exit from expressways in the evenings (i.e. homebound, away from CBD). Does it mean they will stop deducting $ from my cashcard after I transcend the priced boundary located somewhere in the middle of CTE?


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