Dear editors,
Please advice me my fellow Singaporean.
CAB no : SHC5626B
Company : TransCab
From SGH to Tiong Bahru Road
Between 1300hrs to 1400hrs
A dangerous and rudest taxi driver! in Singapore. We took his cab from SGH to Tiong Bahru. He was not happy with our short destination and start making angry sigh sounds while driving impatiently. Despite seeing our 3 month old baby or rather an infant on his Taxi.. he continues to show his frustration by jerking and deciding on last minute brakes throughout the journey. We tolerated his nonsense until we reach our destination where he dash across a huge road bumper until it hit our baby's head.
My poor baby start to cry frantically. He had jabs earlier n now trauma of being hit in the head. I scream at him to slow down and he start cursing Vulgar, he said he cannot see the HUMP, again he drive and brake hard.. i quickly hold tight my crying baby out of his cab and took a few photos of his license plate and him to report to the authorities for his dangerous and inconsiderate act.
Instead of apologizing, he came out from the cab and provoke a fight. He start uttering vulgarities and even told my wife to fuck in the ass and many more. I was standing in front of him asking him what is his problem and stop cursing my wife while my baby crying hard on my right hand. He continues to scold Vulgar.
To all the folks out there.. be careful of this taxi number unless you want to risk your life.
It took my wife at least half an hour to calm my baby down. Babies' brain are still forming at this stage. If anything happens to my baby growth and development.. I demand compensation for his negligence.

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