Dear ASS,

I saw this outrageous racist weibo post by a PRC bitch living in Singapore. She posted a photo taken at the hawker center with a few malay ladies wearing tudung seated nearby.

This racist babi cry that she feel polluted being surrounded by people who cover their heads with cheap head cloth. It makes whatever she is eating feel not nice and disgusting. She cannot stand the sight of so having so many malays around her.

If you want come to Singapore, better learn to accept our special culture and racial harmony. Don’t come here and bring your backward racist attitude into Singapore. If you feel so disgusted and polluted why don’t you fuck off from my beloved nation.

By the way, you know why I can understand the shit you type? It is because I am a Malay who learn Chinese in school and from my Singapore Chinese friends. So fuck you PRC bitch and get your ignorant face out of my country. Learn some respect before shitting in people’s HOME. This is Singapore, not China!

Faris Z
A.S.S. Contributor

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