Dear editors,

I recently purchased a striploin steak (less than 24 hours ago, Saturday 27th at 4pm) from Cold Storage tripleone branch at somerset and I was very annoyed to find that upon opening it about 3 hours ago (Sunday 28th at 2pm), it had an awful odour and bad discoloration (see photos attached).

I then proceeded to my nearest cold storage at great world city (which I frequent weekly) and asked for an exchange. The sales assistant said that this was acceptable so I picked out my replacement product. When I went back to the service counter, I was then told that I actually could not get an exchange because I purchased the steak at a different store.

I think this is unacceptable because; a) cold storage is not a franchise why should I have to travel around Singapore to fix your issue?, b)the steak was in-date by 4 days showing some serious quality control issues, c) spoiled meat can make people very ill.

Is there any possible remedy to this situation that does not require me to again travel to another cold storage for a refund?

Richard B

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