In response to a viral photograph of an elderly lady placing her bags on the MRT seats instead of allowing a migrant worker to sit on the MRT, a fellow migrant worker Md Saiful has shared his experience after working 7 years in Singapore. His English is not perfect but his sad experience in Singapore put us to shame.

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

All Singaporean thinking we all are worker but they never thinking we r human. If we no come Singapore than this all job they need to do ownself. This is always all place same. Only without the young Singaporean. Some times we sit down in any seat inside MRT why some Singaporean don’t want to site beside us.

Can u tell me we r dirty. Than how about china worker???????????? When after finish work they go home, if any body have time just see. I Bangladeshi worker more than clean from them. Can u all talk our body color no same. But how when any Indian man site down??????????

I working Singapore 7 years plus. Maybe around 5 or 6 years I no go home. I continue working. Sometimes I go very far like kalang to clementi or jorong east. I never sit down u know. I just standing. Because I scared.

If I sit down than any Singaporean don’t want to sit. Never mind I can except anything. Because we come here to working mah. I thinking I m now not human ready. I m just like robot.

When I new new time I fill very bad but now I no fill anything. It’s ok. Because I m poor. I need money. I cannot go back also. One day one taxi driver do bery bad behaive to me. I just listen . I cannot talk anything. Because he say , he Singaporean . He can do anything.

I just keep quite. I no complain I just share my feelings only. I know I m not important. I m nothing. I m like big 0. Sorry for take yours time

Md Saiful
A.S.S. Contributor

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