Sibei worry about him now. 2 days ago he came back from safti camp, he lost all his energy n personality,

At the moment, he is not himself, he kept saying he is going to take french exam soon, afraid tat he will fail, n feel very scare, he keep grabbing onto his siblings arm n wud not let go,

His parents try to feed him food n water, but the food all flow out from his mouth, he doest even have his own will to chew thr food oso,

Tried to talk to him, it seems like he is not listening, he kept saying need to take french exam, afraid that he will fail,
N tell his parents he very scare can hear his heartbeating very loud,.

The nurse tried to bring him to bath, he will not go n kept saying the bathroom is very dirty.

Doctor suspect depression, but cannot be, a healthy guy who enjoy his life n he even enjoy his time in army,

Jus right after his night duty, morning come home, he became like tis liao

So we suspect he is been possess by angry spirit that did not leave this world peacefully.

U all got any priest to intro?

Thanks in advance, nobody dares to leavr his side now as we r afraid he may commit something silly without he himself knowing….

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