Dear ASS,

Yesterday above the PIE on the flyover near Toa Payoh estate, a passerby photographed a traffic policeman targeting vehicles with his speed trap camera. There is nothing wrong with this enforcement except that it is done from the motorist’s back. This is ambushing motorists on the roads and does not serve as deterrent to reduce or stop speeding. This is pure punitive and unfair punishment against motorists.

Traffic Police Commander ACP Sam Tee said before: “To be fair, preceding the cameras we will have warning signs to tell people that there’s a speed camera in front, please slow down… So our idea is not to fine him, but the idea is to deter him from speeding. And if he slows down, he saves his life and saves the lives of others.”

If the main objective of speed cameras is to save lives and reduce speeding, shouldn’t such flyover speed cameras be prominently positioned and placed facing the motorists? Why are there cases of policeman shooting motorists from their back? Is this the traffic police beating their own mouths?

ACP Tee also mention before there is no saman quota for officers to fulfill. If this is true, then why is the policeman yesterday caught ambushing motorists instead of making himself as visible as possible to deter speeding?

Omar Shah
A.S.S. Contributor

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