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I have a video of a operation executive beating his officers on site due to some issues which I don't think he needs to use force on a 62 years old uncle isn't??? How can we help seek justice, the uncle scared of losing his job and salary so doesn't want to pursue this case??

Even if Other issues also why need to use hands?????? So you are telling that using force is okie rather then using mouth and talking things out as professional way?? I didn't see those officers fighting or heating him back.

We work 12 hours 6 days a week on the ground, rain or shine we serve their clients and how would we feel to see our fellow officer getting mistreated like this, they are the one whom supposed to protect us from harm regardless by public or clients.

Responding to the viral video, netizens like Jufri Eqin did not take kindly to the man's use of violence against his own staff. He shared:

"We work 12 to 24hrs almost everyday and weeks on the ground, to serve their clients, (specially those who are not under in-house security) and how we feel to see our fellow SO getting mistreated like this.

Whether the weather is hot or cold. We are supposed to get protected from our own company OE or OM. If you cant be an OE, then dont be, just the sake of your blady certs & salary.

Yes OE is not an easy job, but u have to be prepare way before hand. Seriously bro, u have make the security industry a shame & sumore you mcm org melayu kita seh. Malu dok.. Haiz.. hope uncle doing good.

After all, anger is not the way for you to solve the issue no matter what bro. Thats why we call Being Professional during work. Right or wrong, still can be solve. No need to wack your own man. Without ur manpower, u cant get ur pay too."


<Reader Contribution>Cibai security manager hantam 2 security guards while they were on duty! :O :O "The security officer is an 62 year old man and have walking difficulties..he uses a walking aid.. the uncle scared of losing his job and salary so doesn't want to pursue this case"Singapore Police Force

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Friday, February 26, 2016

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