Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Very bad service at challenger. “Product/Service” was written on their facebook, but they only offer VERY BAD SERVICE at 12.20pm 26th Feb 2016, 3rd floor Northpoint challenger.

1. The younger lady store attendant blatantly lied that they do not have a USB cable that I need, yet after 5mins of searching I found it. She was clearly trying to ignore me because she seemed more interested in her shelves.

2. I approached the male staff with a smile and said “Hi”, before I could complete my sentence he rudely cut me off with a “IM NOT FREE, IM NOT FREE HOR, IM VERY BUSY NOW HOR!” while showing me his palm in my face. However he was not busy anymore just 2mins later because he can show another customer to the cashier and joke with him. So now the staff can choose what kind of attitude to show to certain customers?

I’m appalled that Challenger allow such customer service, lying, rude behaviors and showing different attitude to customers depending on their choice. There are so many stores in Northpoint, I can even shop online nowadays, the price is not anywhere cheaper, the products are not anywhere special, WHY should anyone patronize their store? Only the elderly lady was kind enough to provide me directions.

Allen Lau
A.S.S Reader

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