Zalora, probably the worst shopping experience you'll ever encounter.
Your marketing for Zalora is impressive but I would like to give them a round of applause for the most horrific shopping experience you'll ever encounter. I, for one, has had that unfortunate experience. It is disgustingly appalling, really.
1. Zalora brings promises they cannot deliver
– During they CNY season, they promised if you place your order by the 2 Feb 2016, you will receive your order by CNY, which clearly did NOT happen for many unsatisfied customers (refer to pics attached).
– I placed my order on the 29th January (only to hear news of my parcel on the 19th February, it arrived on the 22nd).
2. Zalora blames their courier partners
– They blame them for misplacing the items
– They blame them for not getting back to them
– They blame them for not sending the items on time
– I called Zalora to check on my package repeatedly, they said my items were at the warehouse all packed just waiting for the courier partner to collect it. They said I'll hear from the partners by that day. Or so "they say". To be accurate, customer service office "Atiqah" said it. Customer service office "Silk", later that same day when I called, then corrected her colleague saying one item is in Malaysia. WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO that was 5 working days into waiting for my items.
– Finally with news of my items on 20 Feb, 4 out of 6 are out of stock as my package were lost by their courier partners. YAY ME!
3. Zalora would rather ask you cancel your order than to try and resolve the problems.
– Customer service officer "Silk" asked me to simply cancel my order if it was taking to long 🙂
4. Zalora gives textbook answers, not bothering to look into the situation properly.
– Vague answers are always given. 
– Answers that are nice to the ear but are plain useless. – When I finally decided to cancel my order on the 20th February via email, they replied my email with a "Please share with us if you have experienced any hiccups that has led to this cancellation", when my previous email were literally me listing the problems. BRAVO TO YOU ZALORA for not reading threads. Have you not learnt basic office habits? Clearly not.
– They said they've "escalated this matter" SEVERAL times to my emails and to me over the phone, but nothing changed.
5. Zalora does not give a fuck about what they send to their customers – "Mouldy, old shoes or different sizes and shapes and color, whatever, they're shoes, that's what this order is. I'm just gonna pack it and send to the customer" – that's probably their daily motto
We would appreciate a more transparent service. A service that actually delivers quality and what was promised. Simple quality in terms of putting non-mouldy shoes in boxes for us to enjoy. Simple quality to actually give a shit about your customers. Clearly it's more than a bunch of other customers experiencing this too thus, it's really something that should REALLY be escalated this time.
A.S.S. Contributor

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