Dear Sports Hub,

I am utterly disappointed with your service rendered. I somehow managed to purchase the Jay Chou concert tickets online yesterday (23rd Feb) and even got my email confirmation and e-ticket. Shortly after, I received a call that my ticket needs to be void, as ticket sales should only start on 24th Feb (10am). Frankly, as a consumer, I wouldn’t know if there were last minute changes to the ticket sale timeslot. To me, once my credit card get swiped, I would have assumed that my purchase is secured. The fact that the system accepted my payment and even issued the e-ticket, it would be a proof of purchase.

You should have honour the sales, and not void my purchase!

Furthermore, your customer service guy by the name of ‘David Lim’ (which i question the credibility of this name) says that he would contact me on 24 Feb to help me secure the next better seats of my cancelled tickets. As much as i would like to have faith in sportshub, NO ONE called me on 24 Feb to help me with the booking of tickets and I couldn’t called through the line at all.

Where is the help as promised by sportshub? May i suggest sportshub to go through an intensive customer service course? WDA provides them, you’re welcome.

Very Disappointed Customer
A.S.S. Contributor

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