Please be very wary of these 2 companies and they are affiliated and run by the same group of people and workers.
1. Clay branding Pte Ltd f.k.a Salt Branding Pte Ltd f.k.a Web Designers Pte Ltd
2. Top3 Media Pte Ltd
Top3 Media Pte Ltd office is at King's Centre and Clay Branding Pte Ltd office is at Hotel Miramar but the office was abandoned and occupied by another tenant.
We engaged them to do develop our websites since Sept 2014 and nothing was done. They failed to deliver and when we gave the ultimatum, they decided to deliver our website on 21st Oct 2015. However, the website failed to function and the loading speed was around 58 seconds. We requested the developer to troubleshoot it but they gave numerous excuses, claiming the website slow loading speed was mainly due to numerous scripting, images were too large, server problem, etc. The script coding were developed by the developer, and why are we being blame instead? Server was also provided by Top3 Media and we were being accused for the slow loading speed. 
We tried to negotiate with the General Manager, Mr. Vincent but was chased out from the office and he threatened us to proceed with legal action, which we did. We went to Small Claims Tribunals and we were awarded the compensation by the Judge.
However, one of the claims due 24th Feb 2016 but when we called for payment, Top3 Media told us that they are not going to pay us. The other claim due 3rd March 2016 which we believed that they will not be paying us as well. In order to execute Writ of Summon (WSS) against them, the money that we paid will outweigh our claim amount which is unjustifiable. We tried to ask several lawyers and it seems WSS is the only method and it doesn't guaranteed the full sum due to the selling price of the items being auctioned off at low price.
The 2nd method will be freezing the bank account which again we required to produce Top3 Media's bank account which we don't have. Is this fair to us as a Claimant to suffer such injustice? What is the point of having Small Claims Tribunals when the Respondent may come up with scheming ideas and at the end of the day, we, the Claimant is at the losing ends? What kind of justice do we get? Nothing! Instead of getting back our money, we have to fork out more to auction off the Respondent's assets which of no or little values.
We are currently in a state of confusion and dilemma and loss for words. We are just small firm with limited capital. We seek the State Court to give us hopes but our hope is dashed with all the loopholes executed by these scammers/cheaters and dishonest people. We felt dejected and totally do not know what to do as the cost of WSS is going to be huge.
One laywer quoted us 5K, another quoted us 3K and there was one quoted us 10K
Who should we believe now?
What should we do now?
What other options do we have?
What can the authority do to prevent such companies from scamming people again?
Victims of a Scam
A.S.S. Contributor

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