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These so called ‘licensed moneylender’ are getting around looking for customers to scam and cheat. The fact that they were NOT even lisenced moneylender but they are ‘illegal moneylender’ (ahlong). They uses a copy-paste method of legal moneylender lisence registration number issued by MAS and also copy-paste legal moneylending compamy website URL all around Singapore pretending that they were lisenced moneylenders.

The story began when my closest cousin, which named is to be confidential, tried to loan from this so called “legal lisenced moneylender” which my cousin assumed and believed to be LEGAL and LEGIT.

She started by whatsapping this “legal moneylender” asking for a loan, after she saw the post on Facebook job seeker group. After few minutes later, this “legal moneylender” reply by sending her so called “application form” to fill. Without hesitation, my cousin filled in every single details of her particular including the amount of loan she needed. After few minutes, this “legal moneylender” reply by asking her to send a shot of her NRIC front and back photos. And again, blur cousin of mine didn’t even hasitate to gave them. After this “legal moneylender” received it, he reply that he is sending the application form and and photo of my cousin NRIC to the “office” and to the approving department amd process will be about 1 hour as mentioned by him. So jolly well my cousin happily waited for their respond.

1hours plus later, this “legal moneylender” send my cousin a reply that her loan was approved and also stated the monthly payment and interest and etc; (which my cousin didn’t elaborate to me in details). So my cousin happily accepted the offer.

Few minutes later, a PRIVATE NUMBER called my cousin and she answered the call. It was from the office of so called “legal moneylender company”. On the phone, that “legal moneylender” addressed himself from ‘BEST CREDIT’ and told my cousin verbally their so called “registered lisenced number”. Without hesitation, my cousin listened to what the “office man” have to say.

The strange and scamming part came from here; The “office man” told my cousin that her loan is approved of 4 digit amount (which i prefer not to mentioned exact amount). Therefore, this “office man” slowly persuade her in friendly manner and almost in a genuine way that in order to get her loan today at their “office” later, she required to upfront a security deposit which the “office man” said that she will be getting back the upfront money including her “approved loan” as well as they wanted to see if she is is stable position in paying for upcoming payment (which i do not understand why). The amount to be upfront by her is $400 to their “office account”. And without hesitation, my silly cousin immediate in the phone call asking for their “office account number”. Of course, this bastards must be smiling widely and told my cousin that he will whatsapp her the account number now. My cousin acknowledged and put down the phone call.

Few seconds later, she received a whatsapp of their “office account number” which is POSB Saving (which i felt weird of why big company account number is though saving and not current account or bigger banks). My cousin, whereby her bank only have $450+ left to survive till her payday and having a 2 year olddaughter to bring up as a single parent, jolly well rush down to her nearest atm and immediately transfer him and send the receipt photo of her upfront fees of $350 through whatsapp. Few minutes later, blue tick from him (which is seen by recepient). My cousin went back up her rented flat house, getting her daughter and herself changed believing that any time sooner the “loaner” will send the address of their “office” address to collect her loan and upfronted fees. She waited, and waited and waited. Already about an hour of waiting, she even reply the “loaner” with several “???” signs and whether maybe he’s busy or not and needed a reply. Again, blue tick is seen by this idiot. And he’s been online throughout (till the moment my cousin knew she were scammed), since the payment is received (probably my thinking is that maybe “he’s” or “they are still continuing scamming others).

Time is already 6.30pm. And it’s already late and still didn’t received any whatsapp or phone call from the “legal moneylender”. She knew it that she’s been scammed by him. She broke down in tears, thinking how to survive with $50 left as a single parents with a 2 year old daughter to bring up, home last warning bills to pay, 1 week delayed payment of her daughter babysitter, and also her daily expenses, as her payday is about 2 weeks more from the incident date. She was scared and lazy to tell her parents about this incident as she know that her parents won’t be supportive and furthermore she recently had an argument with her parents. She had no one to turn up to, so i’m the only closer relative.

She called me in the midnight. I was surprised as this is the first time in live ever that she called me at very late night. I answered the call from her. Puzzled. First thing i heard, she cried loudly in the phone and begging me for help and not to tell my aunt (her parents).

She told me everything through the phone call. With pityness even though tired back from work and urgent meetings, late at 2am, me and my supporting lovely wife hail a cab to her place. My wife looks kindda wooried and anxious for her.

The moment we arrived at her doorstep, (the common thing) my cousin immediately hug my wife tightly, crying deeply non stop. I can see sadness, depressed, and anger on her face. While my wife is calming her down, i sat down on the coutch with her sleeping little princess while browsing her phone whatsapp of the incident case and also which facebook ads she saw about the”legal loan. I browse through througly. We decided to sleep over at my cousin place and wait till sun rises as i have an idea.

It’s about 11am. I called over BEST CREDIT company which i retrieved it from their own website. It true 100% genuine with their registered lisenced number approve by the MAS and SPF (which same copy paste url address and lisenced number these “ahlong” use). I called the hotline of BEST CREDIT company and check if there’s any of your worker/management/approving officer which named by Vicent Chia and given the phone number too. It took several moment to get response from them. We waited through the line. And by the fact (which i predicted correctly) that there is no worker by this name and number. I told this credit company what happen and they sounds terribly terrifed. That company too are going to file a report and line was forwarded to the CEO and thank me thousand times and ask for my contact if there’s any call up upon for witnesses. So i gave them.

After settle that part, we realised that that “loaner” had blocked my cousin number. I explain to her everything that it’s already over. Me and my wife gave her a words not to be trapped by them again and happens that she had cooled down. Before moving off, i gave my cousin some cash for she and her daughter to survive and needed anything to just call me. Me and my wife went home after a long day, and have to take one day urgent leave tho.

Reports have been made by my cousin on same day after me and my wife left due to might be any harrasment as she gaves full details to the ‘ahlong’. Her parents had been informed by me without her knowing too.

***And just today, at 9pm plus tonight, i saw his ads again throughout mostly jobs group in Facebook. My cousin had been informed when interviewed by the Investigating Officer, three days later after report being made, that they are using other names and profile picture. And were told too that all these wasn’t their real account nor facebook profile picture. They were using fake accounts.

I took my chances today (as i’m totally pissed of what had been done to my cousin and her lovely daughter life), by commenting on his ads by tagging the SPF. Few minutes when i search for his name, i had been blocked and comment were removed when viewed by my wife’s account. TAHU PUN TAKUT EH!

Lastly, please create awareness to our fellows Singaporean by sharing and no to be scammed by them. It could be your closest family, relative, friends.

SO PLEASE SHARE AROUND! Imagine if it’s you in my cousin shoes. It’s hard tho. And i strongly believe that hundreds of our people are being scam by them in a single day. So please, anyone saw rather similar but different posts like this, please report! They were posting in job seekers group every single day!!


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