Dear ASS Editors,

This is about Madonna’s upcoming performance and a local DJ’s fervent defense of Madonna freedom of artistic expression. Yes DJ Rozz is entitled to her opinion and chose to defend Madonna with fervor but think about it, doesn’t the Archbishop deserve his right to express his views as well?

What did the Archbishop do? All he did was preach to his flock and discourage them from attending Madonna’s concert as a rejection of her open blasphemy and disrespect to their religion. Did he call for a ban on Madonna in Singapore? Does he deserve the visceral and vulgar words DJ Rozz threw his way where she told him to ‘shut the fuck up’? Worse still, DJ rozz mocked the Christian religion as ‘hocus pocus bullshit’, with zero sensitivities to the beliefs of others.

Everyone deserves their right to freedom of speech and if our celebrities deserve the right to perform anything they wish in the name of artistic expression, any religious leader too deserves the right to respond or reject such insensitive performances. Isn’t this only fair?

Do you see the double standards from this saga? Celebrities are allowed to say whatever they like but a religious leader is shamed and told to ‘shut the fuck up’ for advising his followers against disrespectful behaviours? If one wishes to trumpet freedom of speech and expression, remind yourself not to speak with two mouths and extend such privileges to others you disagree with too.

If we can agree on this principle where freedom of speech is for everybody, maybe society can start debating in a civilised manner and work towards a better Singapore.

Bryan Chua
A.S.S. Contributor

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