Dear All Singapore Stuff,

Bought a packet of Kangaroo calrose rice at the Giant outlet opposite of Redhill MRT. When I picked up the top pack, there was a whiff of rotten smell. The counter lady told me there has been a rotten smell since the morning and suspected that could be dead rats from outside the store (its near the redhill hawker centre).

When I went for my cheng teng at the hawker centre, I thought my fingers smelt weird, like faeces. I checked the back of the rice packet and saw brown stains and on closer inspection, the rice in the packet looks mouldy.

Went back to the store for exchange but the other packets’ exterior smell funny as well, so decided to refund. Found the counter lady and she remembered me (10 mins ago) and asked her supervisor to help me. The supervisor checked the rice and asked me how many days since I bought the rice to which I produced the receipt and the counter lady also told him that I bought it 10 mins ago. He then told me that he will certainly refund me and made comments that how could the rice turn out this way and why did I even bring it for payment in the first place. He then asked me to follow him to rice aisle and brought up a few packets to show me that their rice are in okay condition to which I replied that it could be the only one and all I want is a refund.

To me the entire issue is not about the quality of their goods. I mean I can understand that things get rotten, or packaging gets damaged. Rather it is the way that the supervisor handled the situation. He gave me the feeling that I was trying to cheat.


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