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I have engaged interlock to install my digital lock as they offer a good price because they are parallel importer. Yea good price at your own risk.

We have been using it for 6 months without a problem. One night we encountered problem as we unable to lock our door. We suspect the battery life might running low so we open up the casing and replace a new battery but the lock still not working. We bring out the manual but all in korean words so we called interlock sales person because its still the one year warranty. The person told me we have to pay a one time payment of $80 for any replacement of parts, ok it sound reasonable .

On the next day the guy come and open up the battery cover and said we have put the battery on wrong slot, it have 4 slots there and we should put on left and right slot and not the two slots in the middle. I told him that we follow exactly how the battery were place initially and never act smart to put in other slot as the manual all in korean which doesn’t help at all. But the guy very rude and said ‘ This lock was installed by me so is you guys have put it in wrong slot when replace the new battery’ then we asked him if put in middle slot the lock still workable ? He said yes,he show us that to put the battery on the correct slot and the lock workable then remove the battery and put on the wrong slot, the lock still workable but if the battery initially put on wrong slot then it will not be workable.

I suspect when he did installation of the lock for us he have test out the lock by changing it to wrong slot and forget to put it back to the correct slot so it cause us though it was the correct slot to replace new battery on it. The most worse part is .. This 10 mins work of helping us to move the battery to correct slot cost us $80 dollars. Is totally from what is stated on their warranty that this $80 dollars is cover replacement of parts. So think twice before engaged them.


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