Dear editor,

I had a large cyst near my ovary which was recommended for removal and I went to a gynae who was recommended by my friend due to his experience. He’s a professor at a govt hospital with many years of experience and certainly knows his stuff well. I was impressed by his knowledge and trusted him to operate on me.

Everything went very well until I went for the post-surgery follow-up when he checked my wounds. He then told me that he needs to check the wound inside of me. He wore his gloves and then rubbed lub on my vagina which I guess is normal. But in the process he rubbed my clit together with my vagina. Many times. I don’t know if it might be accidental – I just felt very uncomfortable.

And then he placed his finger into me, to check the wound inside, he said. I was expecting him to put his finger in to press and feel my insides. Instead he moved his finger in and out of me with speed, again, many times, for what I suppose might be 5mins. He was looking at my face when he did that. I laid there feeling very confused and suspicious.

I didn’t know what to say nor how to react to that when i’m in such a compromising position. His nurse was in the room but standing closer to my head and had her back to me all the while. How can he feel anything inside with these rapid movements? While doing it he told me to tell him if I feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t talk and I don’t know what to.

Has anyone on this forum gone through a cyst removal surgery and post-surgery follow-up? How did your doctor check on you? Are his actions normal; do you encounter the same thing? Has anyone gone through the same suspicions while undergoing checks by a professor at a govt hospital? I do not want to name him here at this point, but if anyone can share experiences, please do. If you know of any gynae (NOT gynaes from govt hospitals), can you please help me ask your gynae if this is normal?


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