Dear all, please never ever buy from Encik Tan at Bukit Panjang Plaza. This Chinese woman , don’t even know if she is really Muslim or just wearing the tudung just for the sake of the halal certificate.

Today me and my hub decided to try the place out. I have heard of some negative things about their services but today really proves what a lying cheating company it really is.

My hub q to pay for one fish soup and laksa. Top up additional $1 each for the drinks. So total is $11. He gave $15. Should return $4 right? No!!!! This untrustworthy cashier returned only $3.50. My hub told her it is $15. She die2 say $12. Then she asked for $0.50. My hub reply she shld return him $4. She then claimed she got no change.

Then when my hub took the wallet, the drinks which had no lids got spilled. He asked for another drinks. Then this woman charged another $2! First thing the rest of the customers drinks had lids. Second, usually when drinks are spilled at counter, it is replaced without any cost. My hub can’t be bothered and moved off.

I was observing the whole incident and asked for further details which was why I confronted her. The first customer before my hub also had the same thing. She asked for both meals with drinks but the cashier charged only one meal with drinks while the other without drinks. So the first customer asked why must pay additional $1.80? Not $1. The cashier replied the first customer only said for one meal which is not true. First customer was annoyed of course!

Anyway I approached her and said I want to talk to the manager. She die2 say no manager. Only then she revealed she is the manager. Of course, I was ticked off. How can the serviced be so cocked up!! There is no policy of charging the customer. How can you charge ur customers when it is clear that u don’t provide any lids and when it spilled u blame the customer!! When you don’t hear the customers and penalise them by charging extras!!!

You are the one who key into the cashier and yet you blame customers for not hearing them properly. That is broad daylight robbery!! I will like to share this experience with everyone. Please do not get cheated by Encik Tan!! Not worth spending a dime on poor service!!

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