Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I had an very unpleasant ride on an SBS transit double decker bus. At 4pm today, I board the bus from Punggol Interchange to Bishan Interchange. After shopping at Waterway Point.

This bus number SBS 3885 U of service number 50, which was being drove by an Indian Driver, upon the ride, he brake at every bus stop with a very heavily pull-front-back feeling which made me feeling very uncomfortable, I started to feel dizzy.

I tried to take it until it reach Bishan Interchange, but I can’t stand it’s heavily brake and alight at a bus stop opposite Nanyang Polytechnic along Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 at 4.50pm. And waited for next arriving bus number 50 tocontinue my journey to Bishan Interchange.

I hope that the bus drivers in future can practice a more smooth ride, so that passengers onboard can be more comfortable.

A.S.S. Contributor

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