Dear All Singapore Stuff,

I just got a new Indonesian Muslim maid, she previously worked in Saudi.

I just realized that she had been praying every night (bumped into it last night), don’t know if she prays at other times too. I have no major issue with her praying, but when she prays she is in the full head-to-toe gear, with only eyes visible.

The maid now sleeps in the 3rd bedroom, which is meant to be bedroom for my girl. Just that instead of letting my girl sleeps with the maid, I now let her sleep with me. All my girl’s books/clothes are kept inside that room. I don’t want my girl or mother to get a fright if they see her praying in that gear.

Do you think it will be unreasonable for me to ask her not to wear that gear if she insists on praying? Anyone with similar experience? Sorry all my previous Indo maids don’t have this issue.


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