Comfort Delgro bullies taxi drivers by not returning their deposit for the car upon resigning.

They give reasons/excuses, such as accidents (with evidence that proves that taxi driver was not in the wrong). The car dashed upon the red light and collided into my taxi and yet the company claimed that I had to give way to the law-breaking driver and so I was in the wrong. This ridiculous claim from them was made even with substantial video evidence.

In our case, I handed in my car and found out that my deposit had been confiscated. I went down to their office and spoke to Priscilla Tay, Fleet Safety Officer, who gave answers that were unreasonable. Deposits or payments made for any occasions had no invoice to back it up with. When asked about this matter. She just said let’s not talk about the past and abruptly dropped the topic.

I don’t really mind if I don’t get my money back, I just want to let the public know that Comfort Delgro has staff that handles their driver’s cases with such unprofessionalism. There was no black and white, only denial and excuses.

An unhappy ex-taxi driver.

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